She controls Denji having claims from a romantic and you can sexual dating when you find yourself harmful him that have extermination when the the guy disobeys her

She controls Denji having claims from a romantic and you can sexual dating when you find yourself harmful him that have extermination when the the guy disobeys her

5. Himeno

Himeno try found once the a mature and you will knowledgeable much better than this new the recruits who do work along with her. Generally speaking, she carries by herself that have hopeful gestures which can be in a position to have patience into the most stressful items, like the initial phase out of their particular group’s competition contrary to the Eternity Demon. Himeno inspired Denji by providing him a french-kiss, implying one to this woman is at the very least quite perceptive of the people doing their and you can she is prepared to grab unorthodox ways to ensure the finest comes from him. Himeno are proven to be quite effective and powerful within her obligations once the a devil Slayer. She responded to a smaller than average relatively unimportant Devil nearly quickly playing with her Phantom Devil to help you overwhelm it. She has been proven to own a harsher front side and you may an effective lower threshold getting behavior from the newest recruits who would undermine otherwise harm her subordinates, once the she timely kicked Kobeni aside if the latter made an effort to stab Denji. Himeno try proven to be somewhat a caring and you will empathetic people. She cares on the well-becoming out of their own teammates, while the confirmed of the their solid focus to not betray Denji during its first objective to one another. In the a quick flashback scene, Himeno was shown to be really patient and you can open-minded ones distress when an other ex lover-girlfriend died, and you will slapped their in grief.

4. Reze

Reze, called Woman Reze is actually a crossbreed exactly who matched with this new Bomb Devil. She’s an ally of your own Gun Devil that’s the fresh new chief antagonist of Bomb Girl Arc. Very first, Reze seems to be a sort and you may gentle girl that a crush to the Denji just after meeting your. She humor within his humor and you may is not afraid to find personal and personal with your. She shows nothing regard on holder of your own restaurant she work within, getting in touch with your stingy for taking her salary. Her real identification try pushy and you may raw, due to the fact the woman is revealed killing many Demon Seekers in the place of care otherwise mercy. But not, she does not appreciate destroying and you can would rather avoid it, until it’s important to possess their own objective.

3. Quanxi

Quanxi is peaceful and stoic, unashamed to discuss team while in bed together with her harem out of demons, exhibiting little emotion though their own family unit members fawn more than their unique. Although not, she cares seriously on their particular family members, very their particular only request for reward is because they get people rights and you can a simple studies, and not attack them even with they’re became dolls at the expense of their security. Quanxi is ruthlessly pragmatic for the handle, preferring so you can place their particular opponents off the battleground in order to effectively remove its numbers and you will reduce interruptions while doing so, after becoming thrown on hell, she instantaneously questioned good ceasefire inside the hostilities to choose your position. Which alliance went on through to the time the latest risk is actually contains, of which section she instantly assaulted again. Even if their unique symptoms was quick and raw, she appears to always get off real time folks who are perhaps not their own target, given that she emphasized when she knocked out Aki and Devil Angel and you will offered to spare Power’s lifetime. Quanxi seemingly have a last at the office, that have Santa claus referring to their unique due to the fact “Earliest Devil Slayer”. Which tip try reinforced from the their own dialogue that have Kishibe, and that hinted from the a past friendship among them.

dos. Makima

Makima are a good girl having a serious but at the same time relaxed identification, which is denoted whenever she teaches you the present day situation from inside the good slow and you can orderly trend, without being delighted. She is always seen maintaining a great sympathetic sky, no less than having Denji when he settles for the. Likewise, the woman is also very informed and you may manipulative. When you find yourself their particular needs are not familiar along with her allegiance so you can humanity can be a bit not clear, it’s clear you to definitely she wishes even more energy and will perform almost anything to have it. She’s ruthless and you can prepared to lose the latest lifestyle away from someone else and you may damage innocent somebody if it positives their particular. Makima try an extreme enthusiast away from Chainsaw Man, this new “character out-of heck”. Fascinated by her ability to remove the embodied notion of good demon whenever she takes all of them, their particular stated goal is always to render Chainsaw Man around their own control, playing with their ability to do an enthusiastic “ideal” world in place of worries, whenever she will not, become used. of the Chainsaw Man, just who claims it could be an enthusiastic award are a part from it. Yet not, Makima’s true unstated goal was to be together forever which have Pochita and you will lead a happy lives having him, given that she usually yearned having something like a household, on account of being unable to mode equal matchmaking with individuals for example him.