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Matthew on Keefe

1st impressions

Well outfitted, with a very friendly laugh.

Just what do you mention?

Diving, family members, matchmaking, flicks, music and Gran Canaria (his passion for, my hate of).

Any embarrassing times?

It took us sometime to purchase because we had been too engrossed speaking.

Great dining table manners?

Very good great deal of thought’s challenging consume and chat.

Smartest thing about him?

Warm, friendly together with range, “gay men over 50 do even more matchmaking prior to the bed room.”

Did you embark on someplace?

No, we failed to leave the cafe till later.

Markings of 10?


Would you meet once more?

I am certain we will, but as pals.

Keefe on Matthew

Initially thoughts

Really pleasant.

Just what did you explore?

The oddness of a blind time, all of our initial nervousness, all of our tasks and passions.

Any shameful minutes?

Maybe once or twice the talk paused, so we simply discussed something else.

Good table ways?

Definitely … well, just as much as you’ll with tapas.

Best thing about him?

Incredibly friendly and approachable.

Do you go on somewhere?

No – we wandered each other toward tubing.

Scars off 10?

Something below 10 indicate i possibly could get a hold of defects in him, that we cannot, so 10.

Is it possible you fulfill once again?

We now have swapped numbers and I wish we are able to hook up once again shortly.